Project Description


Active Scandinavia was founded in 2011 under the name ‘Bike Sweden’ in Stockholm. Alongside providing rental bikes, they offered guided sightseeing tours by bike. In 2013 the portfolio was expanded to included individual cycle tours around Stockholm. In 2017 a station on the west coast was added, followed by another on Gotland in 2020. In addition to cycle tours, hiking and family tours have been offered since 2021 and the company starting operating in the active travel market as Active Scandinavia.


Active Scandinavia offers cycling, hiking and family tours from the Eurofun Group portfolio in Scandinavia and offers cycle tours in Sweden.

  • Stockholm: Round trips, centre-based tours, Stockholm’s archipelago, multi-activity tours
  • West coast: Travel along Sweden’s first national cycle route – the Kattegat route in several variants
  • Gotland: round trip and variations

Edith Palmanshofer


Edith Palmanshofer took over the management of Active Scandinavia in 2017. She worked in travel advice and sale at Eurofun from 2003 until 2012.

Active Scandinavia AB

Hammarsgårdsvägen 5
749 50 Ekolsund, Sweden
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